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We are proud to offer to you an authentic and unique dining experience. Not only does our kitchen boast influences from both India and Kenya - a wide variety of dishes to suit every palette, but we are happy to promise that the quality of our food is difficlut to match.

Our chefs do not use any artificial colourings or additives. The food that reaches your plate is as authentic as that which graced the tables of days long gone by. This commitment allows us to make your experiece all the more enjoyable.

The restaurant side of the Safari Bar is separated from the main bar area and is completely non-smoking - don't worry, it has a bar of its own so you will not go thirsty!. The back doors open fully during the hotter periods so that whether you dine indoors or out on the patio, you will always be refreshed.

Please feel free to browse the site at your leisure. We have a full menu available for you to look through so that planning your meal is easy - of course, we won't mind if you want to order a drink and peruse it in house before enjoying. I'm sure you will find we will meet your high standards!

If you are still in doubt, don't take our word for it! In the column to the right you can peruse some of the press exposure we have had recently (yes, we did bribe them with the food)! At the end of the day, however, the only way to experience our offerings is to do it in person. So please feel free - you are very welcome!

Our best regards, The Safari Club.

975 High Road North Finchley London N12 8QR ---- 0208 492 7436


"...for anyone walking past, it would be easy to miss the delights inside..."

Edgware & Mill Hill Times
"...It's a tall order to buy a lunchtime pint and curry, let alone a good one...at the Safari club you can do just that..."

Muswell Hill & Crouch End Times
"...behind the unassuming exterior is some of the best Indian food I have ever tasted..."

We would love for you to te ll us what you thought of your experience at the Safari Club - email us with your comments!

Safari restaurant

Safari Bar


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